Writing Consultation

I provide guidance for writers of all levels and fields. With a Ph.D. in English, an M.S. in Library Science, and over fifteen years of academic editing and university-level teaching experience, I am able to offer personalized consultation to help writers complete whatever manuscripts they are working on — websites and blog postings, theses and dissertations, screenplays and novels, articles and book manuscripts.

Consultation helps you get a handle on the writing process, and specifically to:

  • identify your own best research and writing practices
  • structure the process to suit your cognitive and work styles
  • meet deadlines
  • increase motivation and productivity
  • establish manageable goals and realistic work plans
  • enhance working relationships with committee members, co-authors, or editors

It will also help you navigate and overcome obstacles to completion, such as:

  • self-defeating beliefs and habits
  • anxiety
  • perfectionism
  • procrastination
  • ineffective ways of managing stress
  • writer’s block
  • poor time management
  • no work-life balance
  • interpersonal issues

I begin with a free 20-minute consultation, during which we discuss where you’re at with your manuscript, what kind of support you most need, how to best structure the services, and whether consultation is right for you. My base rate is $90/hr. with variation in cost if extensive editing is desired.